Happy Diet
  • People point out that snack cannot be related to healthiness. However, Calbee believes snack can provide nutritional benefit to human body. It is true that one should not consume too much snack or replace the regular meal by snack. However, consume a suitable amount of snack will not affect the health.
  • Balance diet means the sufficient absorption of nutrition but not over-take. There are several points to remember if one wants to maintain a balance diet:
    • Diet should cover all different food varieties
    • Should not avoid in-take of particular food varieties
    • Consume meals on regular time with appropriate consumption to maintain normal body metabolism
    • Do not over-take nor under-take your meals

    People with different ages, genders, heights, weights, the degree of physical activities and health conditions requires different levels of calories and nutrition. One should not adopt the so-called "standard" diet list without comprehensive consideration.

  • Calbee devoted to developing snack product with high nutritional value, for example, cereal, pumpkin vegetable snack with olive oil, low sodium potato chips, roasted corn snack and prawn crackers. This is the responsibility of Calbee to deliver healthy food to consumers.