Food Knowledge
  • A restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York is famous for its French Fries. In August 1853, a customer complained that the French Fries were "too thick and soggy" and "not salty enough". The cook tried to make the French Fries accordingly but still failed to satisfy the customer. The angry cook decided to offer a dish totally opposite to what the client required: he sliced potatoes in as paper-thin, fried them into a crisp, and dropped lots of salt onto them. Surprisingly the customers loved the potato so much just like being as an addict. The chips became so popular, which is known as the famous Saratoga Chips. Later on, the cook opened his own shop and continuously selling the chips which make them even more popular.
  • It uses around 3 - 4 potatoes.
  • In addition to standard nutrition, rich anthocyanin is found in Purple Potatoes which can function as anti-oxidization, against the harm brought by Free Radicals, which help along the health of eyes.
  • Calbee suggests not consuming snack the 2 hours before meal. As the normal mealtime of majority of Hong Kong people (1pm for lunch and 7pm for dinner), we shall not eat snack from 11 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm.
  • It is not a must. If the storage condition is good, the food can be still safe to consume. “Best Before Date” is different from “Use By Date”.
  • Eggplant. It belongs to “Solanaceae”.
  • Potato skin is with high nutritional value and is definitely safe to consume. For Calbee, we peel off the potato very thinly so the skin might be attached on the surface of potato chips.